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Siding Tools Industries


Siding tools industries designs and manufactures tools in Canada to help contractors install home or commercial siding. Each step in the production process of these cutters and their cutting tools is monitored and controlled. 


Cutter’s maintenance is examined in all aspects in a real environment. We are in constant communication with the contractors and on the basis of the information we receive, our designers are continually improving our tools. The result is an exceptional cutting finish while maintaining a high cutting speed.


The ProKUT 6’’ and the UniversalKUT 12’’ cut wide profiles from several manufacturers including: MAC MÉTAL ARCHITECTURAL, VICWEST, IDEAL ROOFING, DUCHESNE, AGWAY, GENTEK (SIERRA STEEL), RIALUX and others.

We have been manufacturing our cutters since 2014, and our tools are by far the tools that offer the finest cut finish and we are proud of it!

Team Siding Tools Industries